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Online Ordering - Our e-commerce solution allows you the ability to search for parts you need so that you can get your specific cost, check availability or read up on specifications. You can place orders or request a quotation, check an open order, review your historical usage on any previous part (s) purchased, retrieve invoices and proof of deliveries all online 24/7 as well. Use your own part number and order using your “my list” (favorites) tab to make ordering of repetitive items fast and easy. Also, if you cannot find what you are looking for contact our skilled customer service representative and they would be glad to help you find the right part for your need.

Order Methods - Reducing transactional costs is important in your business. Our diverse product offering allows us to purchase more of your needs from one source, so you minimize the number of purchase orders you need to create. When it comes to placing the order, you can use transitional methods like website ordering, call-in or email, or we have available EDI and a punchout to your website for customers who have a large amount of transactions.

Emergency Service - Need a part after normal business hours, on weekends, or during a holiday, call our 911 team at 810-985-1027 and they will be glad to open up for you. Please note that there is a $150 opening charge plus any freight and handling charges to ship the product to you (if necessary).

Training - We provide a number online and/or in-person training programs to meet your desire for increased productivity, lower costs, and most importantly increased safety awareness. Many of our manufacturers offer on-site free safety training. Let us help you design the right program for you.

Kitting and Assembly - We perform all kinds of assembly work so that you have the right sized product when you need it. We assemble anything from hydraulic hoses to welding custom length bandsaw blades. We also will accommodate your need of hold for release orders that have an accumulation of parts to form a kit. This allows you to have all the parts at one time so that your job can be completed efficiently while eliminating costly surplus parts.

Inventory Control – If you are in our trading area, we have a team of people that can assist you in developing the right inventory control program for your facility. Our keep full programs are designed to help you maintain low unit cost commodity products so when your maintenance people need a part to get their project completed, the part is always there. This reduces time and keeps your people productive in the job. We have the capability of organizing your inventory, ordering what is needed (with your approval of course), deliver and put away, and most importantly run reports and monitor your inventory so we prevent stock outs while also making sure you don’t have costly dollars tied up in having too much inventory. We also offer a vending solution for the purpose of reducing usage and increasing productivity.

Lighting Services - Whether you are building a new facility, or you are looking for ways to cut costs in an existing facility, the quality and type of lighting installed should be a strong consideration. In particular, with the efficiency of LED technology you will not only (depending on number of hours per day your lights are on) reduce your energy usage up to 60% but you will also enhance the quality of your lighting which will increase morale and have a positive impact on the environment. If you have a lighting application in the interior or exterior of your building let us help you! We can provide lighting energy audits and lighting layouts that will validate you will get the results you are looking for.

Motors - Motors are such an integral part of the operation of any machine build or manufacturing process. Therefore, it is critical that you use the right motor for your application. We can assist you in determining what motor you should be using so you can accomplish your goals as it relates to life expectancy and energy saving consumption. We have a large inventory of motors so that we can service you out of stock. And with our 24/7 emergency number, our inventory is always available to you. Please bring all of your motor needs to us and we will be glad to do the research so that we can provide you the right motor for your application.

Automation and Control Solutions - We offer engineering assistance in specifying automation products and solutions to meet your needs or your customer’s needs. Our Automation Solutions Center provides an environment available to our customers to demonstrate automation product offerings and verify hardware or software proof of design. We specialize in vision, networking, safety products, PLCs, VFD drives, servo motion, and HMI product applications. If you are in our trading area, we are able to provide on or off-site capabilities, from design and specification to start-up, training, and services. These capabilities save you time and money by shortening the time it takes to get up and running and reducing your learning curve. This is accomplished by working with you, understanding your needs, reducing your time to research product or system information and provide you a complete automation or vision solution.