Marshall E. Campbell Co. (MEC) is a materials, repair and operations distributor for many different industries and types of customers. These customer groups include, but are not limited to, industrial facilities, OEM’s, utilities, contractors, municipalities, hospitals, commercial buildings and government entities.

Many of our valued customers have various MRO (maintenance, repair, and operation) needs that require a broad brush of products in order to accommodate with the maintenance and repairs of machines or buildings to keep operations running at their potential. In the MRO environment, well over 50% of the products purchased by a customer are one time purchases that are not repeated year after year. After all in the industrial, electrical and hydraulic channels, running smoothly and at par is the key to productivity. In order for suppliers to correctly meet those needs, a broad line of products have to be available to provide the right solution at the right time. Marshall E. Campbell offers the ability to consolidate the supplier base and cut costs by distributing a wide array of products that cover the varying MRO needs in the industrial, electrical and hydraulic industries.  From hand tools and janitorial products to generators and a simple fuse, MEC offers many different product lines from a wide range of manufacturers to fulfill any maintenance, repair and operational needs. MEC inventories over 50,000 items and has accessibility to well over 500,000 items at four different locations serving South Eastern Michigan. In the MRO environment, the industrial basket is a catch-all of a large group of miscellaneous products and Marshall E. Campbell is prepared to distribute product solutions in the time of need.

In this section of our homepage called Segments, we will profile many of our individual product group offerings so that there is a better understanding of the various distributions channels and products and services that Marshall E. Campbell is a supplier of. Also found throughout the Segments section of the site are different selection charts and guides that have been provided with the purpose of assisting in work performance. Marshall E. Campbell is dedicated to helping any way that we can.

Please refer to the product category listing on both the Home page and the Ecatalog for a complete, detailed listing of the many products that Marshall E. Campbell is a distributor of within the industrial, electrical and hydraulic channels. Pertaining to the industrial supplies, our broad offering of products include, but are not limited to: various tools, chemicals/lubricants, adhesives/sealants, fasteners, HVAC, janitorial, material handling, paint, power transmission, tape and safety. For the convenience of our visitors and to provide quick and easy solutions to all MRO needs, our Ecatalog offers a search option to look up a product by keyword or item id. Benefit from a real-time inventory listing that provides the product quantity and various informative catalog pages to ensure that the product supplied is the correct fit for the need.

If by chance the correct product or solution is not found on our website or Ecatalog, Marshall E. Campbell Co. is staffed with educated and experienced customer service representatives that are fully equipped with product training and knowledge and strive for customer satisfaction. Contact us at any one of our four locations (Lapeer, Port Huron, Saginaw, Livonia), email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call toll-free at 800-462-4050 with any questions or distribution needs and instantly feel the Marshall E. Campbell difference.