Marshall E. Campbell Co. can assist in giving power over power decisions. The power equipment and service solutions from our supplier partners allow easy management over installation and utility costs. Much of the power equipment retrofits and upgrades pay for themselves with the savings achieved through increased energy efficiency.

Starting at the utility connection, we have the transformers, switch-gear, MCC’s (motor control centers), panel boards, circuit protection, and wiring systems needed to power the facilities and processes. MEC also has the products needed to address any power quality issues from surge protection and harmonic distortion to power loss ride through. Our electrical product specialists can match the best solutions to any part of power distribution.

New control strategies for variable torque motor applications, like fans and pumps, incorporate VFD’s (variable frequency drives) to match the motor speed to the demand of the system. The increased energy efficiency equals savings in utility costs that offsets the cost of the equipment itself. These products can easily be applied to existing equipment and power distribution systems.

We also supply the latest in building automation and control systems as well as occupancy based lighting controls. Our advanced metering equipment and web-based analytical and reporting software solutions provide the data needed to gain control over utility costs. MEC will assess the need for power management and help apply these new technologies where they will be the most efficient and cost-effective. We can be the experts, or instil the knowledge of power management into any facility.

For any questions, concerns or issues with power management please email one of our trained professionals at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 800-462-4050.