Get control over automation with Marshall E. Campbell Co. products, services, and solutions. It starts with applying the right sensors to detect the conditions and positions of equipment, then adding operator controls and the right controller for the process, and finally, applying the means to control the movement of the equipment.

MEC has the sensor products to increase control automation. From mechanically actuated limit switches and proximity sensors to photo eye switches, our sensors and wiring systems will do the job. We’ll help select and integrate the best sensor for any automation needs. Our sensor product partners can even test out a potential solution first in order to ease the transition into production.

Our pushbuttons and HMI (human machine interface) terminals give operators dependable and safe control over their equipment. From the most simple of toggle switches through the most advanced video operator terminals, we can put the right controls at any operator’s fingertips.

Marshall E. Campbell Co. can help find the right PLC (programmable logic controller) to control equipment for today’s needs and even accommodate change in the future. With scalable solutions for small dedicated tools to large plant-wide processes, our offering for automation controllers provide value by reducing development, installation, and maintenance costs. Many of today’s controls products have network connections that allow sensors, operator controls, and motion devices to communicate directly with each PLC’s, and plant data systems.

MEC has a complete selection of motors, motor starters (NEMA and IEC), and VFD’s (variable frequency drives) for rotating loads. Our electrical product specialists can help determine motion needs and provide the best choices to get the job done.

We’ll also help surround the equipment with the latest in machine safety and quality assurance products in order to protect operators, work in progress and other valuable equipment. For any questions, comments or issues dealing with control automation, please email one of our professionals at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 800-462-4050.

Links to helpful NEMA and IEC calculators:

NEMA Motor Data Calculator

IEC Motor Data Calculator