ME Campbell offers environmentally green solutions for manufacturing and construction
ME Campbell can reduce costs and improve productivity for manufacturers
ME Campbell can increase your organization's safety records through our innovative product line

SIMpull® CoilPAK™ NOLA Installation

Allows contractors to complete circuit wiring jobs safely and more.


Electricians- reduce your feeder cable installation costs by up to 20%

Installation costs of SIMpull THHN wire means no lube needed, less labor needed, and less setup and cleanup required.

Variable speed drives reduce cost of energy, installation and programming time.

The Square D variable speed drive, for three-phase asynchronous motors, will provide an average 30% savings in energy, while its small size and design will make it easier and more efficient to mount, and the software is a breeze to program.

G-Force diamond grinding wheels reduce grinding cost by 30%

Norton’s unique, self-dressing bond technology leads the industry in depth of cut, traverse rate and form holding. Excels on round carbide and steel cutting tools.



Electricians- one cable cutter takes care of your copper, aluminum and ACSR needs

Burndy has now come out with a cutter that eliminates the need to carry two tools. Or the costly replacement of cutter blades because you have used your tool inappropriately for  ACSR cable.



Plant hand-on product and reliability training will increase plant production and reduce energy costs.

Loctite offers an on-site maintenance workshop with your skilled tradesman at the base component level during installation, repair, and rebuild of your equipment. This training will help your skilled tradesman have the knowledge to save time while improving the quality and their repair and maintenance. This training can also have significant positive results in energy conversation and safety.


Turn on to the idea of changing to LED flashlights.

LED flashlights are great for the environment as you will be reducing or eliminating (re-chargeables) your battery disposal. Also, LED offers you a quality and reliablity of light that a non-LED flashlight can not touch.  As it pertains to cost savings, the casual user that buys one or two at a time and infequently turns them on, will only purchase these lights because of the superior quality. But if you are a user of many flashlights that are turned on, on a regular basis, then check out the cost savings reports that will attest to a total cost of ownership reduction as well as a environmentally friendly product. Streamlight offers a reliable (lifetime warranty) rugged product that will pay dividends. Download LED Return On Investment Calculator